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from mussels to clamps.

Fresh & High Quality Seafood Products.

BOL Seafood Export’s core business is the sales and export/import of high-quality fresh mussels. Besides mussels, BOL Seafood Export has a wide range of other molluscs and crustaceans. Focusing on the Asian market to provide Asia with an exclusive experience of our premium and sustainable seafood culture.







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Seafood Export.

Our expertise is the export and sales of high-quality European seafood to the Asian market. By working with professional partners throughout the supply chain we can export fresh products quickly instead of freezing them. This way we are able to avoid the big loss in quality that normally comes with frozen products and transport.

Professional export partners

Our logistics partners are experienced professionals in their field of work. With our combined knowledge we can efficiently and safely supply the Asian market with our fresh European products.


European regulations

Our products comply with the high standards of the European regulations of food safety.

Encourage sustainable fishing

By carefully selecting our suppliers, and having deep knowledge about the fishing practices, we can guarantee sustainably gathered products to our clients. In addition, this indirectly encourages sustainable fishing practices as well.

Consistent high quality

Although mussels and other molluscs change in quality depending on the time of the year, we can provide a more constant quality by working with a wide variety of fishermen from different areas.

our commitment.

The origin and destination of our products.

Caring for the environment.

By working with fishermen from different countries throughout Europe, with different fishing methods, we can provide consistent quality throughout the year. We have standards when it comes to sustainability, regardless of the country of origin.


Most of the fishing companies we work with are family businesses and have multiple lifetimes worth of knowledge about the cultivation of mussels.